Sales, marketing and operation consulting and support


Sales development

- Set up and develop of subsidiaries, internal and external sales forces
- Develop and manage contract and corporate clients

- Set up sales partnerships with distributors, wholesalers and resellers


Visibility development

- Create offers and contents conveying enhanced value
- Develop brand’s notoriety


Operational and technical local support

- Manage projects and coordinate teams




Emotional contents and institutional communications


Elaboration of institutional contents (brochures, books, newsletters) 
- Draw the inspiration from the history and tradition of a company to orientate her to the future
- Create
a periodical communication with its partners, teams and c lients

Production of style books to favor the innovation
- Identify market trends to make emerge future products



Management training for public speaking

- Turn the specificities of one's personality into great advantages
- Develop verbal expression thanks to the actor discipline